Do You Want To Earn Extra Cash?

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Do you want to earn some additional money? You can actually – if you join our referral program. Just send business on our way! We offer cash to people for each referral that closes a deal with us.

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Who Are Qualified to Join?

If you are a real estate agents and brokers, bank lending officers, attorneys, general contractor, property managers or whoever you are, you are qualified to join. As long as you know someone with a note or settlement for sale, we can do business.

If you are interested, just please fill up the form below. We will contact you immediately as soon as we receive your application.

After you have filled in the form above, our agents will contact you as soon as possible. We will email the estimated and highest possible cash options for you to choose from. For a faster quotation, you can also email the copy of your note at

If you just have a general enquiry, feel free to contact me using the details on the contact page.

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