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Mobile Home Note

Mobile home note can actually be sold. It is a note that contains the loan information of your trailer or residential caravan with or without land. It is becoming popular now as many people are placing their mobile home notes for sale.

Mobile Home Note


What Factors Affects it?


The first question you will ask now is “How much mobile home mortgage rates can I get with my note?”

There are factors to consider when it comes to pricing your mobile home note in Texas or other parts in the US. Here are what you have to look for:

1. Downpayment
2. Mobile with land or no land
3. Loan ratio
4. Credit score of a borrower
5. Mobile home age
6. Note’s face value


We Buy Mobile Home Note


This information is essential for mobile home notes for sale. In Note Seekers, we will go through everything so you can have the best cash options you can get from us. Buying mobile home notes are easy if you provide the information immediately.

Some factors may not be relevant anymore when you sell mobile home notes in the future like the down payment and the face value. You need someone you can trust to look over these factors. Rest assured that Note Seekers is transparent in liquidating your note.


Additional Information


Note Without A Land
This type of home you can usually find at MH park. Mobile home note loans without land have a significant effect on the pricing of the note. Most lenders will not buy this kind of note or mobile home mortgage rates have low value. Location and condition of the park also affect the price of the mobile home notes. Another factor mobile home mortgage lenders will see is the risk that the payee could move the mobile home out in the park. This means that mobile home notes for sale without land has no security.


Note With A Land
Mobile home notes in Texas or any other state with land is secured than the other type. It is unlikely for someone to abandon or move their MH. Buying mobile home notes with land will have a high value of pricing than the one without a land.

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