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Loan Servicing

Note Seeker loan servicing is the process in which we collect principal, payments and interests from the borrowers. There are many types of loan that can benefit from our service.

The collection of payment generally falls to the one who lends the money. But if you outsource us this loan servicing, we will take that burden and responsibility from you.

What Are the Types of Loans We Service?

The following are the types of loans we offer:

What Are the Inclusion of Our Loan Servicing?

The following are the responsibilities we will take from you:

The collection of payments and interests from the borrowers to all investors.

Monitoring each payment status of active loans.

Making sure that properties are insured for the sake of the loan.

Resolving problems on overdue payments from the borrowers.

Communicating and updating borrowers until the loan is paid.

Managing the necessary reports and documents between borrowers and investors.

Why Use Our Service?

1. We charge a small portion of fee only. We only charge a small amount than the other loan servicing companies. You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars from the collection of your loan payment.


2. It will be convenient for you. One of the most important factors in considering a loan servicing company is the convenience it brings to your business. We can provide different types of payment collection that will be convenient for you. One example would be over-the-phone payments or setting up recurring payment schedules to your borrowers.


3. We have the experience. You will only trust someone who knows the ins and outs of this business. You want a company that cares about its clients. We have the team memebers to reach out to your borrowers and have them into a more personal level. We always find ways to connect better with our clients and show that our service is beyond ROI but as well as helping our clients in their endeavours.


4. Investment opportunities to the investors. Using our loan servicing allows you to focus on other investment opportunities such as deciding to sell your payments for additional cash flow. Having their loan service increases the value of their note if they decide to sell their payments. Our team can solely dedicate to servicing the loans and manage the borrower’s profiles to get updated payments as possible.