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Welcome to Note Seekers!

Our aim is to help you raise a lump sum of cash. There is a way for you to get an all-cash settlement, through us. We are a note buyer purchasing any notes you have such as mortgage, business, automotive, foreclosure and performing and non-performing notes. But first, we offer FREE quote service for you to have the highest cash value possible of your note before the transaction begins.

Mortgage Notes

Our note investor service includes notes in real estate notes, commercial real estate notes, land contract, real estate contract or mortgage loan or deed.

Business Notes

Business notes such as a business loan, commercial note, purchase agreement, chattel mortgage note and many more.

Real Estate Notes

Any residential mortgage notes or any type of real estate notes for a cash.

Automotive Notes

We offer cash on all automotive such as cars, trucks, boats, ships, aircraft, construction and equipment.

Performing & Non-Performing Loans

Note Seekers offer banks, lenders, and investors to sell their performing and non-performing loans.

What We Do?

Note Seekers is a private institution that helps note sellers to find note buyer and get a LUMP SUM CASH. We help people who have mortgage notes, real estate notes (residential & commercial notes), business notes, automotive notes and performing & non-performing notes to sell. We are a company based in Dallas, Texas but we do business in the entire United States. As a top dollar note buyer, we can fund you lump sum cash as soon as possible. We deal with private lenders, banks and other types of financing lending institution.

Facts and Information

What is Note Buying?

Note buying is another form of real estate investment. A note buyer will buy any promissory notes of an existing loan after they have settled on the third party such as the owner of the property, mortgage lender or banks.

What is Lump Sum Cash?

Lump sum cash is a quick and one single payment fund you will receive upon selling your note to a note buyer. Instead of receiving a series of payments on the person stated in your loan, you exchange your note for a cash and transfer the ownership responsibility to the buyer of the promissory note.

What is a Quotation Report?

It is a free quote report we offer to a seller who is looking forward to selling their note but want to know first its current market value. It is only a partial and estimated cost report and not the final and fixed rate when you decide to sell.

Note Buyer Free Quote Report

As a note buyer, we ask first for the approval of our clients. We offer partial quotation report to those who are seeking to sell their notes at highest Cash Out. Our experts have calculators to determine the value based on the equity, down payment, interest rates, home loan amount, credit score, mortgage terms and other information regarding the borrower. We will give you the partial purchase price of your note before we proceed to find a buyer for your note.